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SFV Training Tips for Beginners

SFV Training Tips for Beginners Start with a weight that feels manageable to you.

- Use your best judgment or reach out to us to figure out what will work best for you. If you are struggling on rep 3 out of 15, the weight it too heavy. If you find the last few reps of an exercise sequence to be challenging, you picked the appropriate weight. As you start to build strength and stamina you can increase your weight week to week, I always recommend going up in 2/5lb increments.

Take your warm up seriously

- Once you press start on your class or move into the warm up in live, be fully engaged. Taking time to properly warm up is equivalent to allowing the oil to heat up on a skillet before you start cooking, it leads to better results! My classes ALWAYS include a warm up and cool down.

Avoid exercising to exhaustion

-In order to fall in love with working out, you need to be able to continue to show up for the next class. When you are just starting out you are learning your body and stamina in a new way. You are learning how to gauge your effort and where you can really take yourself, mentally and physically. I always suggest:

  • starting lighter and even body weight

  • take the breaks that are given

  • opt out of the intensity cardio pushes and take the modification OR rest completely.


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