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Let’s talk about how to balance “cheat meals”, over indulging, and falling off track.

No one enjoys eating the exact same meals every single day, especially when dieting or trying to cut back on calories.

I don’t like using the term cheat meals. Healthy eating is an overall lifestyle; the ultimate goal is to find balance in your every day life. Whether you are looking to indulge in a few glasses of wine, a slice of cake, or go all out on a vacation, there are some tips I’d like you to utilize when breaking away from your nutrition plan:

1. Fasting

Sixteen-eighteen hours of fasting after your cheat meal is an effective way to break the craving cycle and achieve discipline again. I utilize fasting every Monday without fail, it’s a great way for me to refocus and re shift my mindset.

2. Lean Protein and Veggies

The day after your cheat day, choose a high protein and veggie plan; it will help to keep your insulin from spiking.

3. Lower your calories

Try to choose a low-calorie, high-fiber food to balance your cheat meals. Fiber will give your stomach the fullness it needs. You can incorporate chia seeds, berries, broccoli, lentils, and beans into your meals. I love to incorporate a large salad for lunch with lean protein, berries, nuts, and a light dressing.

4. Burn the calories

Getting back to routine post a cheat-meal day means not missing your workout. If you can’t work out, get outside and walk for 60 minutes at a quick pace.

5. Hydrate

Cheat meals consist of high sodium and sugary foods. These toxins need to be flushed out of your system. Drinking 90 ounces of water is a must.

You want a slice of chocolate cake and a glass of red wine to treat yourself and unwind. Seems understandable, except that having both of these items would likely undermine how well you had eaten throughout the day.


Eating 80/20 wouldn't mean you could not enjoy these treats, it would just mean you couldn't have them both on the same day. Have the chocolate cake today, and save the wine for tomorrow — you get to enjoy both without ruining your positive diet habits.

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