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We know it can be tough to stay on track when life gets busy. We are here to remind you that you aren't alone in it.

SFV is made up of women that support and encourage each other to show up as our healthiest and best self.


Take time this weekend to rest and reset your body, mind, and soul. Give yourself permission to do what you need! 

At SFV, we want you to feel good mentally and physically. We understand life can be chaotic at times, but you aren’t alone in trying to make space for healthy habits. We are all in this together.


If you had a hard day or you feel like you are in a busy season, try to make time for that workout you need. Give it 100%! You'll never regret moving your body and letting toxins sweat out.


This weeks lower body and core class was everything we needed to feel STRONG. 

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Did you know that SFV is more than just a workout community? We are here to make sure you get the MOST out of your workout and help you achieve your goals.
I have been a personal trainer for over 14 years and have worked with all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and limitations. I am available to help you if you have any questions regarding a workout or movement. I am always here to assist you!

Reach out if you are:

*Struggling with an exercise. 

*Not feeling the movement where you are supposed to. 

*Having trouble setting up the exercise.

*Need a certain modification for an exercise. 


You can send in a video of you performing the move and I will offer feedback on how to get you in the proper position or find an alternative exercise that works better. 


If you are want to talk about your goals,  take class live with me on MWF and schedule a post workout 1-1 with me.  Chat with us on our website and send in your video. From there we can schedule a call. 


These MINI BANDS are essential to your SFV workouts! They come in a pack of 3 (varies between light, medium and heavy). They are perfect for traveling and can be used for other workouts you may do. What makes these different than other bands: they are washable and last longer. 
Be on the look out for our Sunday email. We will be sending out the weekly schedule. You won't want to miss next weeks workouts! 🔥

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