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Becoming more intentional so you can accomplish your goals

Eating healthy and according to your goals

-Are you making your workouts and grocery shopping a priority? If not grocery shopping, are you ordering grab and go meals or being intentional about what you are ordering when dining out?

Booking your healthy habits as an appointment

-Setting your appointments for your workouts. Are you rebooking for the week? Are you adding it to your calendar?

Redirecting casual friend time to more intentional time

-Look we all have issues that we face with either work, parenting, friendships, marriage, or relationships. Creating extra activities with friends that support your goals and needs is so important. Most of the time our friends want same things us; we all struggle with being intentional. Sometimes you have to be the leader of the group, voice what YOU need to accomplish and take initiative in creating that time. Swap out the girls night or the after work happy hour to meeting for a walk. Send a text to remind your friend(s) to pack their workout clothes and water bottle. Make a point to reiterate the importance of this time. I promise, walking with a friend will help you work out things you are going through, forge a path forward, create new ideas, and intimately get to know each other.

Wake Up Earlier

You can’t live life by wishing there were more hours in the day. You have to create the time. That means ditching your 7 or 8 wake-up time to 5 or 6 am! Try to start by waking up 30 minutes earlier and adding something into your day that will benefit you and get you closer the person you want to become:

  • Express class on-demand

  • stretching

  • gratitude journal/bible study

  • meditation

  • intentional skin care routine

  • morning walk

  • prepping your breakfast and snacks

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