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Q+A’s for SFV

Q: Playlist?

A: I do have a Spotify for listening to music in the car, but all my playlists for SFV are in Apple Music. You can find me @stayfitbritt

Q: Stair master benefits

A: I love the stair master because I feel like my body is working harder without the impact. I am able to get a lot done on the stairs like emails, listening to a book, podcast, or just creative journaling. The stairs are a great place to add in another touch up to the booty and legs as well. The stairs always leave me sweaty and feeling very accomplished. I go through phases with my cardio choices & that’s ok. I go months of just the stairs and then months of incline walking only. Do you what you are excited about.

Side note: When I was tryin to shrink my legs and atrophy my leg muscles I cut the stairs out completely and just stuck to running and walking. I got rid of the extra attention to building my legs.

Q: Kait Davis Program

A: Kait is taking all the weekly classes that are uploaded into the On Demand section. I teach 3 live classes a week (upper + core, lower + core, and full body + core) you can join in on the live class that starts at 6:30am cst or wait for the class to be uploaded to the on demand library) I currently have over 200 on demand classes to choose from. My recommendation is to start with the 3 classes a week for a few weeks and then add in another full body or class.

Q: Best way to lean out legs

A: First, be realistic about your body type and also the extreme measures it would take to completely change your natural build. I am speaking from experience here with bigger legs. I was born with more of an athletic build, I also love working out legs and hit them very hard for 10 years in the gym. My legs got to a place where I was very uncomfortable in anything besides leggings or gym attire. What helped me atrophy (lose muscle) my legs was taking a break from working them out with weights. I went about two years of just body weight exercises, Ex: walking lunges, glute bridges, single leg glute bridges, curtsy lunges) I also incorporated tons of walking and jogging. (2 min walk, 2 min jog) and stopped eating high protein after my workouts. When you intake protein post workout you are feeding the muscle, instead I starved it. I started to really see my legs shrink and once I got them where I wanted to be I started adding in heavy weights again to only hamstring and glute focuses exercises, I still do this in all my SFV classes.

Q: is your on demand full length or only live

A: My live classes are the on demand classes, they are all the same. I teach the class live at 6:30am and record it. Once the class is done, I upload it to the on demand library so you can take the class anytime.


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