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Low sugar berry jam 🍓🍇🫐

Low sugar berry jam ✨

This recipe is super flexible and can be made with any berries!

ProTip: we recommend using frozen berries.


⁃Frozen or fresh berries, you can use any sort of frozen fruit that you like

⁃Sweetener (monk fruit or stevia)

⁃Acid (lemon, orange, grapefruit)

⁃Chia seeds (optional - used for thickening & omega fats)


⁃Use a saucepan on medium/high heat

⁃Add in 3 scoops of frozen fruit

⁃Add 1/4 cup of sweetener & stir well

⁃Add lemon juice

⁃Let come to a boil

⁃Add in chia seeds & stir well

⁃Once it has been on the stovetop for 30min turn the heat all the way down

⁃Put into a mason jar to thicken up and store in the refrigerator

This jam is perfect to add to yogurt bowls, chia seeds pudding, protein pancakes, toast, or dip chickpea truffles in (the recipe for truffles is on our website). 🤍🙌🏼


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